Washing machine cleaner
Washing machine cleaner
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Black or brown flakes on clothes can be solved.

Brown or black flakes on your clothes is caused by excessive soap or fabric softener usage. The excess soap builds up in the machine causing a sludge and when this sludge flakes off the bowl of your washing machine it sits on your clothes. These flakes will sometimes stain the fabric as it is laden with dirt and oils.

As they say prevention is better than the cure. Reduce your soap usage to a fraction of what is recommended on the packets and use white vinegar as a fabric softener. Run a warm or hot wash through the washing machine every so often to loosen any build up, it is recommended you use old towels or cloths during this cleansing cycle.

In extreme cases we have had to dismantle the washing machine to clean out the sludge, but in most instances the descaler pictured above will cure the problem. The contents of the sachet are left to soak in the washing machine overnight with hot water and high on high water level. In the morning let the machine run through the remainder of the cycle to flush out the flakes. No clothes are to be put in the machine during this cleansing cycle.

Dishwasher cleaner

Scalex can be used to remove lime scale build up from dishwashers. This descaler also leaves the appliance with a fresh citrus smell.

Do not have any dishes in dishwasher when running the cleansing cycle. Pour the contents of the sachet into the soap dispenser and close the lid. Any remaining contents in the sachet can be sprinkled over the surface of the water once the dishwasher has finished the pre-wash part of the cycle.

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