Blanco cutlery basket
Blanco cutlery basket
Blanco cutlery basket (discontinued)Blanco cutlery basket side view (discontinued)Blanco cutlery basket top view (discontinued)Blanco Cutlery Basket front (new style)Blanco Cutlery Basket end view (new style)Blanco Cutlery Basket top view (new style)
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Blanco Cutlery Basket

Tired of your utensils falling through a perishing cutlery basket? Order a new Blanco cutlery basket today through our secure website. See sizes below.

If the cutlery falls through the rack it can jam the spray arm causing food to stay on the dishes or the detergent not to wash out of the dispenser. Save your frustration and replace the basket with a new one.

Important notes, please read before ordering

The original narrow cutlery basket has been discontinued by the manufacturer, a new wider basket with the same profile is supplied. Please see the sizes in the Specifications List, the photos and sizes of the orginal cutlery basket are there for reference purposes only. You will most likely need only one of these baskets instead of the two they originally came with.

Free shipping throughout Australia!

$155 delivered to your door (Australian residents only).

Length of original (discontinued) 210 mm
Width of original (discontinued) 100 mm
Height (including handle) (discontinued) 200 mm
Height of cage (discontinued) 130 mm
Length of new style 220 mm
Width of new style 153 mm
Height (including handle) new style 250 mm
Height of cage, new style 135 mm
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